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Imaging and Imagining the World

Using unique images, fun-to-read novels, and cutting edge technologies, Rick Clements is on a mission to bring fun back into the world. Feel free to use the email below to join the mailing list for upcoming books, suggest ideas, ask questions, and provide encouragement.

Fun Fact: Mr. Clements has been genetically engineered to expand his lifespan to 120 years (for real).

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Siding Springs Observatory

Prentice Hall

Private Homes Across the World

Starry Ltd.

Work experience

Department of Health and Human Services

Grand Rapids Community College

Davenport University

Aquinas College

Prentice Hall

Simon and Schuster


University of Chicago, Michigan State University, Ferris State University, Davenport University

Degrees in Computer Science, Psychology, Public Policy Administration, Digital Security, and Photography

Talk to me at barnettlay@gmail.com