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Novel #4: Revenge on a Cruel World

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This high-octane thriller has more plot twists and turns than the tilt-a-whirl at the county fair.” - Reedsy Reivew

What would you do if you had the chance to strike back against today’s corrupt world?

Buffy VanderRye has seen the worse the world can offer. And now her team is hired by the government to plan a bank robbery. The target is a major crime cartel. The aim is to steal all of their money and put them out of business. It would be the largest heist in history, netting $147 billion. In the process of research and planning, she discovers a weak spot in the worldwide system of corruption and incompetence.

Buffy’s To Do List:

1. Plan the largest bank robbery in history

2. Exact a horrible revenge against a world of corruption and cruelty

3. Find out why my body is changing

4. Decide whether to get married

5. Kill the man I am forced to work with

They rated Buffy VanderRye as one of the best Army officers in the past fifty years. She had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the age of 37. Buffy was physically strong, had a brilliant tactical mind, and was a natural leader. She also had a lover on the side. The ultimate example of an empowered woman. But then a sniper’s bullet severed her spine and put her in a wheelchair. They moved her to reserve status and her world fell apart. The attempt to rob several banks at the same time would put her team in great danger. The robbery would not go as planned, with unspeakable consequences and a series of betrayals.

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Claire-Marie Wilcox has everything. Youth, looks, a wealthy family, and professional fame as the country's leading researcher in bio-medicine. Her mother demands she marry the "right man." But, Claire-Marie is in love with Jon. Everyone knows he is the wrong man for her. When she marries Jon, she is disowned by her family; all of her friends desert her, and she not sure her love is strong enough. Then she disappears.

Her mother is frantic because the authorities find no trace of Claire-Marie or Jon, so she hires a controversial problem-solver to find her daughter. He says she is in great danger and must be found. Other groups are looking for Claire-Marie with different, and possibly evil, motives. The race is on.

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2nd Edition now available

What are the moral responsibilities of human beings creating a synthetic life form? What if that life form was only created for sexual pleasure?

Harris Harrison has reprogrammed a sex robot, giving it synthetic intelligence. She can observe, think, draw conclusions, and react. She is Nancy, and technically, she is alive. A life form never seen on Earth. She is hired by a sexual therapy firm in California, where she thrives helping others overcome their anxieties.

The government hears of her abilities and wants to use her as a spy. Nancy’s sexual abilities could elicit information during intimate moments. Nancy became “Jade,” the exotic woman with no inhibitions. This new world was exciting, until the dangers became all too real. Jade is kidnapped and sold into the criminal underworld. She will have to use all of her sexual abilities to outwit her captors and stay alive.

In his new book, author Rick Clements again explores the issues surrounding technologies not yet known to the public. In his previous book, The Kiss That Saved the World, he revealed the promising world of messenger RNA more than a year before it was used for today’s COVID vaccines. This time, it is the power of synthetic versus artificial intelligence. Read it and be ahead of the curve.

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