Ongoing Projects

I never have less than three projects going at one time. Winters are long where I live.

To The Moon Project

Extremely high resolution images of the moon combining over 30,000 individual frames in a matrix of 54 panels to display the full moon in its natural reflectivity. Without enlargement, the created image has a moon diameter of 36 inches.

The second edition of The Sexual Assistant has been released. I am taking suggestions and votes on whether to make this into a series. The second edition corrected a few grammar mistakes and added a new ending.

Feel free to email to make suggestions and to get on the list for notification of future book releases.

Revenge on a Cruel World has been picked up by Amazon's new Vella reading service. It is presented as episodes. I am collecting feedback on whether to continue forward with the next book, or write more stories about what happens to the team before this adventure.

Email to with your vote. And...yes...that is Natasha on the cover.